Pro Speaker Spotlight: Dada Nabhaniilananda and His Meditation Mission

Dada Nabhaniilananda wants you to meditate twice a day and he has no intentions of giving up until you do so. Fondly known as the Monk Dude, Dada is a yoga monk, award winning songwriter, meditation instructor, author, and acclaimed speaker, who frequently hosts training and seminars at companies for executives, CEOs, and a number of professionals both in and outside of the tech industries. In fact, he was a keynote speaker at TechOut LA and Facebook, and will be speaking at Google this coming May.

At this point, many of you may be wondering how meditation and technology could possibly relate to one another. While technology is focused on progression and discovering the next big thing, meditation is a 7,000-year-old technique that hasn’t evolved much from its early days. What makes Dada’s take on meditation special is his focus on the many ways meditation cultivates our sense of connection and relationships with other people.

Through his experience and interactions with professionals, Dada has seen firsthand that meditation’s effects extend beyond reduced stress and lower blood pressure and can actually help entrepreneurs develop leadership skills and creativity in the corporate world. For example, meditation can help us take a moment to reflect internally and separate momentarily from the world around us. By focusing on our internal selves, we have the power to get to the root of our creativity and some of the innovative ideas we didn’t realize we had.

Take a look at Dada’s keynote speech from TechOut LA:

Notice how captivating Dada is and how engaged the audience is. This isn’t just because what Dada is saying is interesting. It’s also because he is a powerful speaker. He infuses wit and wisdom into his stories and lessons, which take his presentations to a whole new level. It’s not just the subject matter that has transformed Dada into a highly desired keynote speaker; it’s also his presence onstage and his ability to connect with the audience, whether they are young or old, a budding entrepreneur or an experienced CEO.

Take a look at one of Dada’s testimonial videos, which shares more about his presence:

Both of these videos were created by Pro Speaker Content and we are proud to be working with such an incredible speaker. We look forward to helping him develop content that showcases his expertise, important message, and signature wit. Whether you run a startup or a large corporation, help your colleagues and employees become better leaders and team collaborators by booking Dada for a speaking engagement. Dada is a sought after speaker with a busy schedule, so contact Emily at today to start your booking!

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