How to get a better speaker demo video

Over the last few decades, I’ve been deeply immersed in the professional speaking industry. One thing I’ve learned is this: when it comes to impressing bureaus and getting bigger, better bookings, your demo video is king. That’s why Pro Speaker Content spends so much time helping our thought leader and speaker community achieve demo videos that put them at the cutting edge of the industry. What does a high-quality demo video look like?

1. A high-quality speaker demo video quickly captures the attention of the viewer.

2. A high-quality speaker demo video shows bookers who you are and how you move on stage.

3. A high-quality speaker demo video contains relevant footage from both current and past speaking engagements. This lets the booking agent see you in action in various environment and in front of a variety of audiences.

4. A high-quality speaker demo video contains press and industry validation.
5. A high-quality speaker demo video captures the testimonials and visceral reactions of your audience. It allows booking agents to see audiences engage with you and your message.

6. Above all else, a high-quality speaker demo video allows meeting planners to connect with you and your message and picture you at their next meeting or conference.

With the right formula, a demo video can be your biggest marketing asset. This video will get you noticed by new audiences, booking agents and other industry influencers. If your demo video isn’t capturing your energy and expertise (or isn’t getting you enough bookings), contact Pro Speaker Content for a free consultation.

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