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6 Types of Content Every Thought Leader Needs

We’ve all heard the statistics on content marketing:

  • 90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.
  • Website conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs 0.5%)
  • Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

Content marketing is a proven method to increase conversion (read: bookings and/or sales of your books, video courses and more). However, in our work with thought leaders, we’ve found that too few of them utilize these strategies to grow their speaker business. Now is the time to change that. Content (in all its forms) is still king in the speaking world, and if you use it correctly, it can help you secure bigger, better bookings and score lasting visibility with influential audiences online.

Not sure where to start? Here are six types of content that every speaker needs to bring his or her booking fees and influence to the next level.

Speaker Demo Video

You may have an astounding amount of expertise, but do you have what it takes to bring it when it counts? Do you connect with audiences, and bring them to their feet? By demonstrating your proven ability to speak and engage with highlights of your most powerful moments, you improve your chance of booking that coveted spot in a competitive environment.

Speaker Testimonial Videos

Want to convince them how great you are? Let them hear it—and see it—from others in the form of a video testimonial. In the age of video marketing and iPhone selfie videos, a written testimonial from “Joe C. in Minnesota” or another non-confirmable source doesn’t cut it anymore. Capture your audience members and event planners on video sharing exactly what they loved about your keynote or workshop, and why.

eBook or Book

Becoming a published author, even an e-author, establishes credibility as a thought leader in your industry. Books showcase your expertise and, unlike other forms of PR, allow you to control the message you’re sharing. Still not convinced? Many bureaus consider published works a key factor in increasing a speaker’s booking fee.

Keynote Speech and Slides

No matter how great a speaker  you are, you should never wing your keynote speech. This is your time to shine the light on your insights—and the more you refine your delivery, the more you can hit the perfect balance of entertainment and information. Slides (yes, you need slides) are invaluable because they create a visual point of reference for audiences as they try to soak in every ounce of your speech. But whatever you do, don’t go overboard on content per slide, or you’ll end up overwhelming and distracting your audience from your main point.

Updated Speaker Website

In the digitally-savvy age, the web has become the go-to destination for information on any speaker. If you don’t have an active web presence, people are left to assume that you’re not actively speaking, creating content or engaging audiences. Capture video content from your speaking engagements, live tweet from conferences you attend and no matter what, make sure your speaker website is updated once per month with fresh content. By investing a little time in your online presence, you ensure that you stay on the minds of your audience—and event planners, of course.

Speaker email marketing and newsletters

This is a simple (and very effective) way to stay connected with your fans, followers, and hosting organizations. Best of all, it’s an inexpensive marketing tactic that helps convert followers to buyers of your books or other expert products. Email marketing has a 66% conversion rate, and is even more effective when you create multiple segments in your email list. Try a separate nurture campaign for bureaus to ensure they’re presenting you when opportunities arise, and send weekly updates such as event announcements and content releases to your list of attendees and workshop participants.

By filling your speaker toolbox with these proven pieces of content, you can take your booking fees and online visibility to the next level, and establish yourself as a credible thought leader in the process. Need an expert in your corner to help you craft and execute your content marketing strategy? Consider Pro Speaker Content your go-to guru.  

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