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5 Easy Ways to Take Your Events to the Next Level

At Pro Speaker Content, we’re always looking for ways to amp up an event. After all, as event producers and media experts, we understand that event isn’t just an event anymore. It’s an experience. A well-crafted event has the power to inspire your audience to do more than just attend. Check out these tips to bring your events to the next level.

Create a Strategic Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are a great way to maximize your posts on social media, especially when it comes to Twitter. Develop a thoughtful, engaging, short and catchy hashtag for your event. It could reference a countdown, a special guest, a topic, or simply your event’s name. Whatever you use, use the hashtag in all of your posts and encourage others to use it too. Make sure you and your guests also use the hashtag when live tweeting during the event. Events are known to boost social media activity, so make the most of it with a hashtag. Every time your Eventbrite event page is tweeted, for instance, an average of 33 visits are driven back to the listing and there is an increase in $5.38 in ticket sales per post.

More than just ways to gain pre-event buzz, hashtags are also key to boosting visibility during your event. Choose one key hashtag and promote it on all your digital and print marketing materials.

Boost Ticket Sales with Social Media

Nothing quite matches a live event, whether it’s a concert, speaking engagement, or conference. Social media can help encourage your audience to purchase tickets and attend your event, rather than wait for a podcast, album, or article to pop up reviewing the event. According to EventBrite, a single Facebook share can drive $4.48 in ticket sales. They believe this is attributed to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). If all of your friends are at an event, you want to be there too — not at home waiting for updates via Twitter. Make the most of social media and frequently post about your event and encourage ticket holders to share their excitement for the event, too.

As content creators, we’re big fans of  tweeting out short selfie videos that promote your event. This strategy has helped us boost ticket sales for many events in the past, including TechOut LA.

Don’t Go on Vacation Right After Your Event

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It’s the day after the event. Time to relax, right? Not quite yet. The best event hosts know that following up with attendees is critical. This is your chance to further nourish relationships with attendees and inspire them to attend your next event. Send follow-up recaps, email out your event videos and encourage attendees to provide feedback via a simple survey. And if you’re looking to host the event again in the future, try creating informal Meetups so that the community stays connected and engaged in the meantime.

Boost Event Attendance with Interactive Calendars

Why may an ideal consumer not attend your event? It may simply be because they don’t know about it. Awareness is key for events. Eventbrite recommends using Localist, an interactive calendar technology that can help you engage audiences and boost attendance. With an online calendar, subscribers can receive alerts about events, you can integrate it with your Facebook page, increase your website’s SEO, and more.

There are countless ways to make your events bigger, better, and more exciting to your audience and fans. With the right strategies, you can transform an event to a life-changing experience your attendees won’t forget. Contact us to learn more about our event production services and how we can help you take your event to the next level.

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