Hit your next milestone as a keynote speaker in 2019

41 Speaker Marketing Ideas To Tap in 2019

Want to stand out in an exceedingly crowded marketplace? Get creative.

It’s official: The digital transformation has taken hold of industries once considered traditional, and paid speaking is no exception. Like it or not, to be successful as a speaker, you need to embrace the changing tide of digital engagement and online marketing. And it’s not just because your audience is online. Research from the Professional Conference Manager Association shows that 74% event planners are increasingly looking beyond bureaus to find speakers.

Simply put, speakers need to be savvy about marketing to maintain the competitive edge. Try these tips today to get your expertise into the spotlight and onto the stage.

  1. Set three SMART goals for Q1 2019. Track your progress.
  2. Create a weekly podcast.
  3. Call an event planner today. Ask what they look for when hiring speakers.

  4. List 5 key benefits of your program on your website.

  5. Create a speaker one sheet with a modern design. Make it available for download from your speaker website.

  6. Haven’t had a new headshot in years? Now is the time.

  7. Create a set of 5 graphics featuring stats that tie into your area of expertise. Then, share them online.

  8. Publish an article on LinkedIn.

  9. Review your email marketing analytics. Make 3 key adjustments to improve performance.

  10. Segment your email list based on industry, clients, prospects and more. Then, develop email campaigns for each group.

  11. Add a newsletter opt-in to your website.

  12. Speak with audience members before your keynote, and talk with them after your presentation, to provide maximum value—and powerful relationship building.

  13. Run a Facebook ad promoting your latest eBook. (And create the eBook.)

  14. Use the word “customized” when discussing your program with prospects.

  15. Before your next sales call, take 5 minutes to learn about the person online. Incorporate this info into your discussion.

  16. Reach out to local media presenting yourself as a source for work involving your area of expertise.

  17. Create a Slideshare presentation with key statistics or facts from your area of expertise.

  18. Travel to a key market and set up five meetings during your trip.

  19. Host a free online webinar.

  20. Attend a conference or professional event. When networking, ask people, “What is your business goal, and how can I help you?”

  21. Join 3 speaker groups on LinkedIn.

  22. Record a quick 15-second selfie video sharing one piece of advice based on your expertise. Share it on social media.

  23. Ask your happy clients to refer you a new lead, and provide a referral incentive.

  24. Start a Meetup group related to your area of expertise.

  25. Write a blog post every day this week.

  26. Launch a focus group for event planners about what improvements they’d like to see in speaker programs. Then, incorporate this feedback.

  27. Reach out to 2-3 online publications and request to contribute an article.

  28. Explore an affiliate program.

  29. Record video testimonials of attendees at your next event.

  30. Create a case study featuring one of your clients and how your program benefited them in concrete ways.

  31. Refresh your demo video to include recent performances and video testimonials.

  32. Create a logo for your speaker business.

  33. Send former clients a survey on their experience with you. Not only will you get back on their radar, but you’ll also get valuable feedback.

  34. Use landing pages and free content to grow your mailing list.

  35. Create a factsheet related to your area of expertise, and share it online.

  36. Go beyond newsletters. Launch a drip campaign to re-engage prospects.

  37. Do a Facebook Live video of your next speaking gig so that people who can’t attend in person can tune in.

  38. Refresh your slides. Remember: More images, fewer words.

  39. Add fresh research to your keynote.

  40. Look for international speaking opportunities.

  41. Conduct, and publish, research in your field.

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